Monday, March 27, 2006

Random Rant

I got a paper back today, a few corrections, a few inane professorial comments. And for some reason, with every single use of the word 'book' crossed out and replaced with 'novel'. Now, I'll grant that novel is a big, fancy, two-syllable word, second only to "literary work" for pretentiousness of diction, but does that mean that 'book' is automatically incorrect?


Irina Tsukerman said...

I had a teacher, who used to do this, though, thankfully she warned us in advance. She considered "book" too broad, with novel being more specific and appropriate to the type of work you were doing. Book, she said, implies a volume of just about anything. Novel is what you're reading. I don't necessarily agree... but hey, who am I to judge. I'd think that most readers know exactly what you're talking about when you write "book".

Pragmatician said...

1st definition by

A set of written, printed, or blank pages fastened along one side and encased between protective covers.

So unless you read it online it I think book was a correct word.