Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Orange Marker

My eldest nephew, telling me what he had been for Purim, informed me that he had been an orange marker for the night (the boy is obsessed with orange) and a "good enemy" (a good soldier, apparently. When we told him that enemy means bad, he said that his teacher had said that good enemies were just very rare. I wonder what that's about). Immediate image...A superhero!
Mild-mannered Good Enemy by day...The Orange Marker by night! He swoops through the air, blotting out evilness with his bold orange strokes! His orange cap signifying a force of freedom and goodness. Faster than spilling ink! More powerful than a highlighter! Can draw on the thickest paper in a single stroke! And then he fades away into that paradoxical alter-ego, the enemy of so many, but good at its heart.
Sorry...I think that the sickness has done something to my head...which isn't really an excuse for the rest of the time, but I suppose all the more reason to take advantage while I may.


Pragmatician said...

I don't mean to judge but isn't that kind of spoiling, giving a kid two costumes for a one day holiday?

Tobie said...

Well, I think that his costume as an orange marker involved a orange shirt and orange pants, both of which he owns a lot of any way. And the good enemy, just as a guess, was just an army jacket. Shmuli- do you have any more specific information to defend the charge?

Shmuli said...

Bubby Chicago purchased the soldier costume while the Orange marker outfit was done together with Bubby Skokie. Since he was going to see Bubby Skokie Purim night, thet's when he wore dressed as an Orange Marker. On Purim day, when he was to see Bubby Chicago, he wore the soldier outfit. As a general rule my children are much more likely to wear an outfit given by a particular granparent (okay, grandmother) if they are going to see thet granparent that day.

Pragmatician said...

Not that there ever was a charge, but this explanation aquits the parents.