Sunday, April 02, 2006

No Topic In Particular

Hello, blog. I haven't posted in a while, have I, and there's not really much of a good reason for that. Just haven't felt like it. Well, that isn't strictly true. Often, in the middle of class, I am seized with the idea for a very fun blog post, but the inspiration has always faded by the time I actually make it to a computer. Ah, well. Still, I suppose that I ought to update this thing on what's generally going on in my life, if only because it increases the chances that later rants will make some vague sort of sense.
The big news of which my blog has yet to be informed is that I have decided to transfer to Bar Ilan University next year. I had been debating the move all year, but never felt much like posting about it. Sorry. Anyways, basically it was a question of deciding whether or not I wanted to go into law. If I did, given that I also wanted eventually to make aliya, then the logical thing to do would be to go to a school in Israel, as law is an undergraduate degree there and a law degree from the US, besides taking an extra three years, would be mostly useless when I made aliya. So I finally decided, that yes, I probably do, so there it is.
The problem with decisions is that once you make them, you have to make a lot of other decisions plus you have to mope and feel conflicted about the ones that you have already made. Bummer. So now I am trying to decide whether to make official aliya during the summer, whether to do an ulpan, etc etc etc, while simultaneously trying to squelch doubts about my decision. Not that I wouldn't have doubts had I made any other decision, or that there was any process by which I could have reached a decision that would not engender doubts. Again, sometimes my mind seems to simply delight in being annoying.


Chana said...

Transferring to Bar-Ilan! You're kidding! Anyway, much luck (actually, the best of luck) and that sounds terrific for you :) Especially the fact that you know that you want to make aliyah. Wow!
Anyway, I just attended a presentation for Bar-Ilan at the Academy (this past week) and the kids (who I only met virtually, of course, through the slideshow/ dvd) all seem like nice, dedicated people. The trips are amazing, for that matter... They gave out these nice DVDs and applications, etc...well, enjoy the experience!

Out of curiousity, were you disatisfied by U of C? I mean, even were it not for the aliyah thing, would you have transferred because you didn't like the school, or did you? What did or didn't you like?


Tobie said...

No, I was really happy at U of C. It was simply a question of trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, and that happened to require an Israeli institution. I mean, there are some things not to be crazy about at U of C, but that's the case everywhere. This was definitely a question, as my father put it, of "all pull, no push"