Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Going Gentle

This too shall pass me by
And I will watch it as it goes.
I will smile.
I will comfort.
I will give sage advice.
I will try to avoid comparisons.
There will be ice-cream.
There will be congratulations.
In either case, there will be hugging.
I will be happy for them.
I will be patient.

Time will pass and denial will be harder.
There will be crying into pillows
But less than you'd expect.
It will not be unbearable.
It will not be a tragedy.
At some point, they'll start to notice.
Subjects will be avoided.
They'll try to be more sensitive.
In some ways that will be better.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

It came to me that I am not entirely sure that there is anyone in my life who really knows me well. Not even in the sense of all my hopes and dreams, but in the sense of being able to predict how I would react to a variety of situations with high accuracy. An angsty teenage delusion or a testament to my uncommunicativeness or inconsistency?