Sunday, February 18, 2007

Random Poem

The style is totally stolen from this poem of Miri's, except that hers is rather better.

well, Faith and Reason are getting divorced
and the custody battle is going to court
and Truth’s afraid he'll have to pick who he loves more

well, Reason says they just chose different routes
and Faith says it’s about his brother Doubt
and the filthy places that the two hang out
and he says she doesn’t know what she’s talking about
and would you listen to the junk he has to hear her spout?

and he’s getting bitter and starting to mope
and she comes home blind drunk on hope
and Truth watches it snowball down the slippery slope

and they fight at night, both high on pride
and Truth sits and stares, his bright eyes wide,
looking lost and lonely like someone died
hands clenched in fists at his skinny sides.


Halfnutcase said...

for some reason this makes me want to cry.

Miri said...

Tobie- the personification idea is similar, but the style is actually quite different. also, remember that I stole the idea (and the format) from Julie Lloyd, so....what goes around comes arund I guess.

e-kvetcher said...

This is similar to something I noted on my blog last June:

Actually, the poor guy [xGH] has taken to capitalize Faith and Reason, and so reading his posts is starting to feel like I'm reading the Romance of the Rose, or the Pilgrim's Progress. Instead of science fiction, maybe his next posts should be in the form of Medieval Allegories. Faith and Reason can battle, while Love and Pride watch on.