Tuesday, May 02, 2006


This is for you and the way you make me
want to write you love songs, even when I know it’s all been said,
and the way you grab my hand and make me love you,
with your velvet kisses made of light and stone

This is for you and your sunlight off the roof-tops
and your thousand golden alleys that will twist and climb to heaven,
and the way that you can lure me to see beauty
in shopping malls and old construction sites.

This is for you and the music of your cities,
Woven into magic from the chorus of your cabbies,
with harmonies of horn and children’s laugh,
and the way that all your people know my name.

This is for you and your lonely red sand deserts
and your canyons and your mountains with their unexpected flowers,
and the way your landscapes echo with any tune I throw them
and your beaches painted blue and white with waves.

This is for you.


Miri said...

I like that you did that despite the fact that "it's all been said." if we stopped saying things bc it's all been said already, eventually we'd all just stop talking. that's not particularly deep, but I think you know what I'm getting at. anyway, I liked it; especially abt the seeing beauty in malls and construction sites. I definitely hear that.

Pragmatician said...

Lovely poem, I rarely get this sensation but It doesn't hurt to relive it for just a moment.

Tobie said...

Miri- I put that in because I found myself getting annoyed at the clicheness of the piece. And then I just decided, what the heck, so it's a cliche, it's my cliche and I feel it and so there.
Prag- thank you.

anonym00kie said...

"so it's a cliche, it's my cliche and I feel it and so there""
thats exactly how i feel about my last post
ya so its cliche
ya so its been said
but there isnt a word there that i didnt pour out from the gut. how can something you feel so intensely be cliche? mabye its cliche to read about, but i dont think its ever cliche when you feel it.

anonym00kie said...

oh and i love the poem!

anonym00kie said...

oh and i just realized this post is a year old.. oh well :)