Saturday, March 04, 2006

Fifteen Seconds of Fame

Wow...I think success is going to my head. The story: Once, a long, long time ago, I got into a discussion with my sister, a grad student in economics about how stupid Dr. Suess's Lorax is and what an economist would make of it, thus inspiring this parody. Encouraged by the fact that it was the only post that I have ever written that was actually quoted in other blogs, I submitted it to an undergradutate poetry publication on campus. Surprise of surprises, it was accepted. The publication came out this week (quite funny, really. 75% is "Tears/I want to run/ but there are only shadows"- yes, I know, I can't write poetry- and then this random Suess parody) and apparently was seen by someone with a real big blog and stuff, so now I am getting traffic from Very cool stuff, considering my general small audience (not that I don't love you all or anything)
The silliest thing about all this is that I personally am not all that crazy about the poem. The idea is cute, but it wasn't particularly cleverly written and took around one afternoon. It seems to me, actually, just a little bit cheap. But who am I to argue with popularity?
The only question is how to capitalize on this new-found niche. Another parody, perhaps? But do I stick to Suess, or branch out? Or do I just ignore the whole thing and continue to write my own thing? Oh, the dilemmas of fame.
(Btw, if you're not reading this all in a sardonic tone, then I sound quite stuck-up. I apologize. Please rest assured that in my head, it is all fully sardonic.)


e-kvetcher said...


Irina Tsukerman said...


(As in, you might want to branch out!)

LOL, seriously, just keep on writing whatever you feel like and don't worry about drezner. Your blog is your own and you never know what else might get quoted.

Mike said...

If you go with Suess try the Bitter Butter Battle.

Tobie said...

E-kvetcher- wow...I really can't spell... I must mistyped that multiple times in my post. Rather embarrassing.
Irina- I suppose you're right, but sometimes it's hard to resist free popularity.
Mike- Bitter Butter Battle is pre-written as a parody! What is there to say- "Be careful that you have a bomb too or else you'll be blown up"?

e-kvetcher said...

Tobie, no worries! It appears to be genetic (right Mike?)