Sunday, June 06, 2010

Things to make your head explode, just a little

There are signs all over the law building, calling on students to join in on an organized day-long boycott of the new coffeehouse, for:

1) having prices that are too high and
2) not offering products that the student community wants (like sandwiches).

Can someone- anyone- explain the logic behind this? Or is this just knee-jerk Israeli strategy kicking in?


Anonymous said...

It's actually very clever. People normally respond to high prices & bad food by not eating at a restaurant. It's called supply and demand.
The students putting up signs are real smart. They are going to claim credit for something that was already happening. I think I'll put up signs telling people to boycott space travel until prices go down and quality improves. I refuse to pay $20 million to asphyxiate in vacuum.


Tobie said...

The boycott is continuing! I think now they are offering free coffee to entice people to join their noble cause. There's such a large part of me that hopes that this is just a joke, and a larger part that really doubts it.

David said...

If the restaurant doesn't serve sandwiches, and as a result the students refuse to eat the sandwiches which are not there, is it really a boycott?