Monday, April 17, 2006

Private Gloat

(You can all ignore this, really. Not that that isn't the case with all of my posts)

It's after the second day of pesach!! And that means that Yoshon season is over!!

It's probably very wrong to rejoice at the end of an opportunity to do a mitzva, but I had run out of food, lived two weeks on macaroni and cheese, and been forced to lurk around Hillel, eyeing the food suspiciously and wondering what I could and couldn't eat. In short, it was a pain. I probably would never have accepted it to begin with if I'd known that it would be so hard. But, in the sneakiness typical of life, I started it in Israel, where nothing is a problem, and then continued into the summer, when the issue doesn't exist. So that by the time it really kicked in, I was already psychologically committed.

The worst part, really, was that nobody else did it. It was like keeping kosher squared- you had to check everything twice, you couldn't trust things in kosher contexts, you had to explain your crazy eccentricity to everyone. It set you apart from the community, even, unable to eat other people's food unless you forced them to go to a whole trouble for you.

But I survived! And now I get a nice long six month freebie, after which point I'll be in Israel and it'll be easy again! Baruch Hashem!


Shana said...


And don't worry, everyone is eccentric here!

dbs said...

I thought Chana was the only Brisker blogging here.