Wednesday, February 22, 2006

And sometimes there is simply nothing to say...

I came upon this story from a flyer on campus and checked out the website during lunch. Since that time, I have been trying to formulate a rant, but find myself oddly at a loss. To say that I am disgusted, appalled, unsurprised, horrified, frustrated, and seething with anger is to resort to easy and insufficient cliches.
But....I eagerly await the day that someone, anyone out there will learn that "Nazi" is not a synonym for "anything I don't like." Using it as such is an insult to six million murdered Jews, a shameless commandeering of emotionally loaded terms, and a perversion and ignorance of the basic concepts of good and evil.


e-kvetcher said...

See Godwin's law

I concur with you, but it is a lost battle.

Tobie said...

True...but to do it in front of a Hillel table...and then act like you have been wronged and victimized....when will the world get a life?