Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Savage Goodness

Oh, that Michael Savage. Sometimes I wonder whether he exists for any purpose other than fueling blog posts. In the past hour, he issued forth a constant stream of silliness.
First, he berated somebody for not being enough in favor of national security stuff- "what, you want to wait until they blow up a baby store?" Yes, I also fear for the safety of the nation's baby stores.
Then there was various harrying of a movie producer. In addition to the normal leading, chatty questions, Savage inserted his own unique brand of hosting- five minute rants about how insane and annoying he (Savage) was. The poor producer. And then, with signature classiness, he cut him off in the middle of his answer to a caller's question- mid-sentence, in fact, to tell him that they only around thirty seconds left of the hour, which were all spent with Savage talking about him and the producer having dinner that evening. I mean, most hosts give a two-minute warning or ask them to just finish quickly. But Savage's secure little bubble wrap of ego keeps him above the petty niceties of the common man.
And then, best of all, he gave a short rant about Howard Stern's new radio show. How it was not radio, but garbage, how the man was a disgrace and stupid. It was almost too perfect to be true.

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