Friday, January 20, 2006


Robespierre rocks! In a paranoid, terroristic, spittle-frothing dictatorial, meglomaniac sort of way.
Today's Civ class was all about Robespierre and his... philosophy, I guess. It sort of boiled down to this: All you ought to care about is the public good. And there is only one Truth about what that is. Which you would know if you used your reason properly. So if you don't agree with me, then you are wrong. Which means you are corrupt and selfish. Which is counter-revolutionary. Die!
Awesome, isn't it? We were trying to figure out how he would deal with practical disagreements or mistakes. It's sort of like the scene at the end of Quest for the Holy Grail:

Robespierre: the best way to run the country?
Other person: I....don't know....Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (as they drag him off the guillotine)
R: the best holiday?
Another: Um....wait, don't tell me... Easter?
R: No! The Festival of the Supreme Being!
Other: Aaaaaaaaaaaah!
R: WHAT...has eight wheels, but can only carry one person?
Another: Um....?
R: A pair of roller-skates!
Other: But that isn't even invented yet!
R: Are you saying I'm wrong?
Other: Aaaaaaaaaaaah!
R: I remind you of?
Another: Um...wait...God?
R: Right. Darn! Well....what number am I thinking of now?
Another: Oh, go shoot yourself in the chin

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