Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Random Thought

Appropos to nothing- saw a sign for some movie mentioning that it was nominated for the Best Actress Emmy or something like that, and wondered, what the heck is up with that?
In that, I can see having seperate contests between men and women in sports. Women have, as Mike will be pleased to point out, less strength than men, and a competition between the two would not be fair. But why for acting? It's not like there's a seperate Nobel Prize for best female literature or economics or some junk of that sort. To me, this smacks of the ludicrous "Equal Opportunity" drivel that feminists think is so darn special but is actually patronizing, crippling, and ludicrous. (I have recently been informed that I am a post-feminist because I hate feminism. So be it.) Why can't they just have an Emmy for Best Acting?
But of course, on further consideration, I realized that I had been launched into rant for nothing. The Emmy's are, essentially, a joke, a shared delusion in the heads of those who watch, a suspension of disbelief conspiring to make you think they matter. Rather like so-and-so's Top Ten Most Exciting People- it matters because they think it matters and they think it matters because they continually choose to do so. And so, of course, the more of these stupid things you make up the better- the more hype, the more excitement, the more close races. If they could get away with best Actor over 6 feet, they would do so.
Which still leaves the question why they can get away with this and not with Best Black Actor.

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