Sunday, November 06, 2005

Eternal Question

Well, not quite eternal- around three weeks now, but how knows? It might turn out to be eternal.
Why is it that people applaud for birthdays? Congrats, you survived another year? Well done, we didn't think that you could do it? I mean, applause implies approval- what are we approving here? On the other hand, what are we supposed to do at an announcement of a birthday? Shout happy birthday? surely not sing it? Or simply give a nod of acknowledgement?
Which leads to the bigger question surrounding birthdays- what exactly are we celebrating? It's nice for everyone to have a day in the sunshine, but why the day they are born specifically? It wasn't like they had anything to do with the process.


Mike said...

Interesting new format TObie and you have saved your site from Rachel and the family and maybe 3w's fate

Shmuli said...

I was going to get you a nice gift and all, and here you go and belittle the whole thing. I guess I'll just give it to Yosef. He at least sees birthdays as a milestone.

Tobie said...

Speaking of which- did you ever get the lad to wish me a happy birthday? I think not. Subtle proof that he agrees with me on this issue? Hmmm?