Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Pavlovian Reactions

I don't think I ever fully realized how conditioned I've been by my school experience until this week. During orientation, we've had all sorts of speeches and sessions, and everytime a Dean or Professor gets up to speak, I have to fight the treacherous impulse in my knees to rise for them. In elementary school, we rose for teachers, and actually all adults as a sign of respect (I think my one and only call in to talk radio involved that fact. Another story.) In high school, one stood for the more important teachers (Rabbis, principals, etc.) and I never broke the habit of rising for everyone. Which wasn't regarded as so weird because so did a lot of other people. But here, people clap for professors and I'll look like a moron if I rise. So I always end up doing this embaressing little half bounce thing and hope that nobody notices.
I suppose it could have been worse. Imagine if they trained me to bow.

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joe said...

just want to let you know,Tobie that I am reading/do appreciate all your fine work... its so much easier to stay in touch with you this way than with actual conversation