Monday, September 12, 2005

Bad Graphics

Maybe it's a personal oddity, but I've found that the first thing I look for in a computer game, on the infrequent occasions that I'm looking for a computer game, is bad graphics. Any game that works in three dimensions, boasts of anything lifelike, or can make its circles much more than octagons automatically loses points in my book and needs other really bad graphics or cool features to make up for it. (For example, I put up with some Star Wars 3-D game because a) they did it so very badly and b) they had little video cut scenes after each level)
I suppose I must be in the minority here, becuase otherwise there would be no motive for anyone to make good graphics, but I think that my opinion has strands of validity because: 1) games with bad graphics usually devote their attention to other aspects of the game that matter to me more, like action, difficulty, witty or cute touches, anything like that. 2)I'm not watching the game for attempts at reality. What I am playing is manifestly a computer game and there's no need to go around trying to make me feel like it's happening, especially because the games are often violent and the realer they get, the more disgusted and put off I am by the carnage. Shooting a Mario fireball is not morally disturbing; gunning down pedestrians with real authentics guts is. 3) Games with bad graphics are usually older games and older games are usually better games. I find this is also true by movies and books and at first I attributed it to the failing nature of modern society, blah blah blah, but now I realize that it's simple logic. The only old things that are still around now are the very best of the crop, so naturally they're going to be better than the average new thing, which has not been pruned by the fussiness of time. Mario, for example, survived because it was the best, so naturally it's better than the run-of-the-mill, good graphic games that plague us today.
Once this opinion won me the scorn of my little brother, but I think I've managed to work him over to my side by now. The last game he was seen playing was Super Mario. The original version.

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