Thursday, September 29, 2005

Interesting Experience

Like so many blogs, this one is degenerating into the story of my life, as if anyone cares about that. But then again, I am the only subject that seems to give me enough energy to write a whole post, so there you go. On to the story.
Today, I was sitting on a bench on campus, reading The Last Days of a Condemned Man outside instead of in my dorm room so that I would not turn into a hideous, sun-bereft vampire, which is what I'll probably do if I stay always in my room eating instant soups with the blinds pulled down. But I digress.
As I was sitting there, a twenty-something-looking girl came over to me and asked me if I would be interested in joining a Bible discussion group. I declined, not being overly interested in discussing the New Testament, or even the Old Testament, with a group of Christians, not to be un-multidenominational or something.
Then she asked me if I were Jewish. Darn it, that skirt always gives me away. We spent about five, ten minutes sitting there talking about Genesis and Ecclesiastes (who can pronounce that, let alone spell it?) which she was currently studying. It was a bit of a weird conversation, as I'm not used to discussing Scriptures with Christians, and I think vice versa was equally true. She asked me if I ever read the New Testament (I said that it would be like her reading the Koran, which she seemed to agree with) and why I liked reading the Old Testament (um...?) and tried to convince me to join her discussion group (I pleaded busyness and pointed out the difference in the way we'd be approaching the texts and got away with just giving her my e-mail address.)
It was a very interesting cultural discussion, just the sort of thing that I suppose one is supposed to broaden one's mind with in college, and I think I got through it well enough, although there was an uncomfortable moment or so when we discussed the Jew's part in the Crucifixion (sp?) (less exciting than it sounds- she just said that she didn't blame the Jews and I agreed.) I suppose now it's just a question of waiting for the e-mails to begin.

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