Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My Disapproval

(This 'My' Stuff is getting harder and harder every time)

Just a short incident from today's visit to Kiddieland: A woman tries to board a mini-roller coaster with a daughter and two little kids. The woman running the place says that the kids both need to sit with the mother, since she's the only adult. The mother turns to her and says, in a falsely casual voice, "Oh, you know that my daughter is 16?" "Really?" replies the woman, "because she went on a ride earlier and she told me that she was 11." (The girl, quite clearly, is 11.) The mother is thrown off-balance only for a moment. She snaps at her children to get on the ride and then turns to the woman and hisses in an undertone, "She's fibbing. I don't know why she said that."

Perhaps I'm just a self-righteous busybody, but I was majorly offended. Even if one is going to lie for convenience, how dare they blame their children for not doing the same? How dare she call her daughter a "fibber" for having the moral decency not to lie? To be fair, she didn't seem really angry at her daugher afterwards and she was probably just shocked at being caught in a lie (and such a very obvious lie, too), but nonetheless. Nonetheless.


Halfnutcase said...

that's a really terrible story.

dbs said...

It's poison. Messed up people mess up their kids, and it's heartbreaking to watch.

Amazingly, though, kids sometimes get it right in spite of parents like that.

Miri said...

1)there's a slight possibility the kid was actually 16, and had been messing with the attendnt earlier. I'll tell you honestly, when ppl compare my Bat Mitzvah picture with my senior picture, they can't tell the difference in age, and I was 11 when my bat mitzvah picture was taken.
2)why does an 11 yr old need to be attended by an adult on a kiddie ride? I could go on big-kid roller coasters by myself when I was eleven, and I'm short.