Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Just got back from the J-Blogger convention, which contained, if not all of the beautiful silliness that could be imagined, certainly enough of it to make me fervently hope, pray, and plead that it will transform into an annual tradition. Miri has promised to do all the work of a full write-up, so I will link to her in the proper time.

What I found interesting (among other things) was the generally focused nature of most of the featured bloggers. They all had agendas, perspectives, or at the very least motifs to their blogs. It made me think that I ought to get me one of those and then I looked at myself and I said, 'Really, Tobie? Is that really going to happen?" and I replied that no, of course not, that's just crazy talk.

But I so enjoyed being part of the community/demographic that I have vaguely resolved to ramp up the blog posting again- yes, to more than once a month. Which leads me to the point of this post, insofar as it has one: I'm kinda sick of my blog url (tobiesrandomrants is somewhere between cutesy and blah- alliteration is not a tool for the inexperienced) and not particularly crazy about the title line either (voices in my head is just cliche. and a little mean to schizophrenics.) And apparently blogger allows you to give your blog a new whatnot and have the old one transition directly, which would be nice. So if people have suggestions for more exciting and/or clever titles, they would be most welcome.

Peace out.


frumpunk said...

Maybe just do ""?

Or do yourself a favor a jump ship to Wordpress. We have tools and layouts you cant begin to dream of.

e-kvetcher said...

"Tobie or not Tobie"
-a digital soliloquy

Tobie said...

Frumpunk: if I got wordpress, it wouldn't automatically forward, would it? And I barely use the tools I currently have :)

E-kvetcher: Wow, I sort of really like that. Tobie or not Tobie, of course, I have heard before, but the digital soliloquy bit is fun. I might very well take that.

Yoni said...
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Miri said...

I kind of like Voices in My Head though - gives me erev shira flashbacks :)