Sunday, May 27, 2007


and inspiration hits
like an itch in the back of the throat
and you cough up words

lego towers shaking with their own weightiness,
spiral staircases of ever-metaing cliches,
trackless trains thundering to no point whatsoever,
collages of actual genius,
pictures worth about three words each


Halfnutcase said...

is the only point any frum person can find to legos to build big towers with them?

Are frum people all that unimaginative? With legos one can build anything!

Tobie said...

Lego towers are so much fun! We had the original big chunky legos and we used to build towers to the ceiling, except that they would always fall and anyway we were too short after a while...

we built other things too. Mostly spaceships and faces...

Halfnutcase said...

I graduated from duplos (the giant legos) to the regular ones when I was like 4 or 5, they couldn't keep me away from my brother's legos.

Regualarly used to build spaceships (I even had a long series of them named "the claw" after a ship in a video game.) these mostly consisted of long (as in 3 feet plus) strings of rooms dedicated to various things, and usualy there was not any real way for people to get inbetween them. They were also loaded down with all kinds of fantastical littler ships.

I also built castles that never got completed because I always ran out of legos.

After 12 I played with legos much less as my opertunities got less, but in recent times I remember building a number of segnificant buildings. 2 ships, 1 spaceship, an atempt at building the bais hamikdash (consternated by the same thing that consternates everything I build) and a couple of synagogues that similarly never where finished. All of these were exceedingly intricate and were self containted, meaning that a tom thumb could have gone from one end of the creation to the other with out having to be picked up and moved.

Oh to have had pictures of them. (the spaceship was later gutted and turned in the the second boat which happened to be a small destroyer, as I had no ability to make any civilian ships, which would necessarily be much much bigger, and this was somewhat to scale) It had two below deck levels, as well as three above deck levels in the super structure and all of them where connected by stair cases and ladders.

but I never really built towers, mostly because I didn't discover the method to building extensive second floors until I was about 14

Miri said...

that's a really long comment about legos. Tobie, I really liked your poem. I know exactly how you feel.

Richard said...


Halfnutcase said...

sorry. I comment about the side point because quite frankly I'm to scared of insperation to indulge it much.