Saturday, April 28, 2007

Blogosphere word salad

I think I mean I want I should I shouldn't I should've I say I maintain I feel I did I am I wrote I made I wonder I guess I think

My diary my soapbox my column my gallery my community my fifteen minutes my novel my confessional

Hear me validate me agree with me love me visit me censure me help me understand me convince me explain to me obey me admire me love me enjoy me laugh with me enlighten me pity me argue with me talk to me forgive me accept me love me hear me

Edit: This really seems to keep happening, which probably means that it behooves me to clarify before posting random experimental writing. This is not about me. Really not. Not in a "but secretly it is" sort of way. This attempt to dissect, analyze, boil down this crazy phenomenon that is "the blogosphere", the crazy elusive charm that so many people seem to see in it and all the different reasons that different people enjoy it and what is it exactly and....well now that it's explained it's really kind of dull.


Halfnutcase said...

tobie, are you ok? this worries me greatly. is there something that you need? we're here you know, for what little it's worth.

I'm not going to pontificate about what I think is wrong because I hardly know you at all to say anything, but are you ok? if you need an ear we're here, or at least I am. sorry if I'm being intrusive.

Tobie said...

hnc- oh dear- thank you very much, but please read the edited note.

the only way i know said...


anonym00kie said...

i hate blogs