Saturday, February 10, 2007

My brother has demanded a link

...and so here it is. I hope he's happy now


Halfnutcase said...

I thought he already did that?

He probably means for you to put a link to him on the side of your blog. Do you not know how to do that? Blogger help tells you how.

Richard said...

You changed your layout.

Tobie said...

hnc- I think he wanted a link to that post specifically. I have a policy of not linking to anyone in my sidebar, because then I'll have to start linking to everyone I like and then it will get confusing and long and politics, so I have refuse to link to anyone.

Richard- indeed I have. I got bored and the new blogger was being all tempting and comparing it to crayons and I really crayons.

mike529 said...

No I meant to the post. I know Tobie's policy.