Friday, August 19, 2005

Musings on Blogs

As a recently initiated member of the greater blog community, I had some sort of notion to study other blogs to see if there was some style I could emulate, thus being provided with what to write each day. I'm currently already part of a family blog, whose content is basically whatever is on the family's mind, usually politics, with "witty banter" comments at each other.
A private blog sort of arrangement, and not theoretically one that I should follow if this is my shout-out to the world.
And it is, isn't it? That's what these blog things are meant to be. Me standing on a platform pontificating and really expecting that the world out there cares. So there are tons and tons of political, sport, who knows what blogs, all spouting expertness at top speed. It's a fascinating trend. And people read these blogs. Often to supply fuel for their own blogs, making them sort of super-blogs, which I never understood (don't they have anything of their own to say?), but also sometimes just to become knowledgable, so that you can discuss every subject at some higher level of consciousness. Not that this helps you make any better decisions- it's never anything over which you have any control- but for some sort of satisfactory informed feeling. Again, I don't quite get this. Beyond a certain level of basic awareness, why is the world a better place if I know 75 different people's brilliant takes on the newest judge issues or the political schemings of Mr. X? I suppose I will never make it into intelligensia with this attitude. But anyway, this was not to be the format for my blog either.
Then there are the just plain weird ones detailing the events of the blogger's life. Who the heck cares about the events of my life? (I woke up. I blogged. I read a book. Then I ate...)
So somehow I have lashed together a mix of random thoughts, scathing criticism of literary works, and general weirdness, leaving me to wonder if perhaps there isn't a better niche out there. But honestly, I don't think that I have the mentality that drives this new movement of bloggers, and so this blog will remain random and atypical. (Funny how blogs, the symbol of non-conformity, have so quickly lapsed into patterns and types. Perhaps I am the true blogger, a maverick among mavericks. But probably not.)

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MiriK said...

hey babe, such is true of any new trend; it spends some amount of time being underground and cutting edge, then ppl jump on the bandwagon, it becomes a corporate sell-out. happened to the Stones, it'll happen here too. or, already has, I guess. such is life. so stop trying to be underground, and just be yourself. (squish.)